How to Earn Money from Money? 11 Best Ways to Invest Money in 2022

Many people earn money by doing jobs, but very few people know how to earn money from that money.

Some people deposit their earned money in a savings account to earn money from where we get a profit of 3 or 4 percent. But in reality, we do not get any benefit because the inflation rate is more than that. Every year by about 6 to 8 percent inflation rate is increasing.

If you want to earn money from money, then read this article completely. In this article, you have been told 11 ways to earn money from money.

How to Earn Money from Share Market?

Perhaps you have heard about the share market, but some people do not even know what is the share market? We can earn so much money from the share market which has no limit. In the share market, we invest money in other’s businesses. There is a stock exchange in the stock market, which is connected to many companies, from which we buy and sell the shares of those companies. You can earn money by buying a stake.

In the share market, there are two ways you can earn money by trading and investing. Do you know what trading is? In trading, we can earn good money in very less time like 1 minute, 1 hour or a day and money is also earned by investing in other way but in this, we have to invest for more than 1 year.

How to Earn Money from Mutual Funds?

A mutual fund is a common fund where the money of many investors is deposited, which is managed by Asset Management Companies (AMC). The managers of the mutual fund invest the fund in different places.

For example, investing in the stock market and government bonds. Now you must be thinking that it is better to invest in the stock market than invest in mutual funds. Then you are right but those who do not have knowledge about the stock market and do not have that much time to know about the stock market, they invest in mutual funds only.

The risk in mutual funds is low and the charge for investing in them is also 1 to 2 percent.

Investing Money in the Business of a Friend or Relative

If any of your friends or relative has a business or he wants to do some business and he needs money to increase his business or do business, then you can earn money by giving him money and becoming a partner in his business.

Example – Suppose your friend has 80 thousand rupees and he needs 20 thousand to start a new business and you give him 20 thousand rupees, then you become a 20% partner of his business. You will also earn profits, out of which 20 percent will be yours too.

How to Earn Money by Investing in FD?

FD means Fixed Deposit. This investment method is considered to be the safest way. We do not get much interest in this investment method but it is more than a savings account and it is also very easy to invest in FD which Post offices, banks, and non-banking financial companies can easily do.

Investment in FD is done for a fixed time period with a fixed amount, and fixed interest rate, so FD is considered to be the safest investment method and there are five types of FD.

1. Standard Term Deposits
2. Senior Citizen Fixed Deposits
3. Recurring Deposit
4. NRI Fixed Deposit
5. Corporate Fixed Deposit

How to Earn Money by Investing in RD?

The full form of RD is Recurring Deposit. To invest in it, you have to open an RD account for a certain period of time and every month a certain amount has to be deposited in that account. You have to keep the RD account for 6 months to 10 years. You can open and deposit at least Rs 100 every month.

The interest rate of money invested in RD ranges from 6 to 9 percent and when your id will mature, that means you have opened this account for the winning time, after that time you will get your money with interest.

How to Earn Money from Currency Exchange Service?

Currency exchange service is also called forex trading or foreign currency trading. In this trading, we exchange the currency of one country with the currency of another country and earn money.

Example – Suppose 1 dollar is Rs 70 and you exchange 700 rupees for 10 dollars and as soon as 1 dollar increases from 70 to 75 rupees then you exchange it in your Indian rupee, then your 700 Rupees will become Rs 750 and you will get the profit of Rs 50.

How to Earn Money by Investing in Gold?

You can earn money by investing in gold also. It is one of the ways to invest in India. You can do it in two ways to invest in gold.

1. Physical gold
2. Digital gold

Physical gold means you can buy and keep gold from a goldsmith’s shop and when the price of gold increases, you can earn a good profit by selling it, but we do not know much benefit in this because when you go to sell physical gold, then you will not buy at the rate which is going on in the market, it will give a little less than that rate.

Digital gold means that you have bought that gold online from any company or from Google Pay. You will not get that gold at your home but if you want, you can get that gold in your home and you get the same rate on selling that is going on in the market.

How to Earn Money by Lending Money?

Money lending is a good way to earn money. Money lending means lending your money to another person as a loan.

If you want to earn money with the help of money lending then there is a P2P website in India where you can give your money on loan and earn good money.

How to Make Money with Money in Real Estate?

People earn good money by investing in real estate. In this you have to buy and sell some land like – suppose you buy land from a person for 1 lakh and sell it after a few days for 1 lakh 20 thousand then 20 thousand will be your profit.

In this, the risk is negligible because inflation keeps increasing with time and if you buy land for 1 lakh and sell it after 1 year, then you will get even more profit.

How to Earn Money by Buying Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. This currency is neither the right of any country nor any government. It was started in 2009 and was created in Japan by Santoshi Nakamoto and that currency was named bitcoin.

No one knew this currency in the initial period. But it came into circulation when its rates started increasing and big businessmen started investing in it.

At this time a lot of cryptocurrencies have come into the world, you can buy and invest in any cryptocurrency, and when its rate increases then you can earn a good profit by selling it.

Buy and Rent

This method is also great to earn money from money. In this, you just have to invest money once and earn profit for many years. You can rent an office, warehouse or small flat house to someone or by buying a bike, or car. You can rent it in companies like Ola, and Uber.

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