BTC, Ethereum, and other top ten cryptocurrencies have crashed for the current year, losing a joined $2 trillion.

The bitcoin cost has crashed under $20,000 per bitcoin, dropping from nearly $70,000, as the market grapples with the Central bank's.

Google CEO and wealthy person Eric Schmidt have said chainlink — has "better innovation" and "scales better" than other cryptocurrencies.

Chainlink utilizes software called oracles to interface data to blockchains, intended to assist burdensome decentralized networks with scaling.

However, Chainlink's connection cryptographic money crashed by over 80% since hitting an unequaled high in May last year.

He thinks Web3 is "not normal" contrasted with different ventures — yet expresses it's doing great, cautioning Ethereum.

Schmidt said ethereum's September merge redesign — where Ethereum moved from proof of work to proof of stake.

He believes crypto regulation is premature because the technology is still developing and evolving, and the full degree of crypto’s potential issues has yet to be revealed.